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Olga Ermakova and her Varna

Today, the successful businesswoman Olga Ermakova, founder of the ARS Group holding, which includes the Bulgarian companies Absolut Real Sevice Ltd, Edenvale EC and the Swiss company ARS Group Ltd, will tell us about her Varna.

 Evgenia Styleofsky: Olga, please tell us how did you end up in Varna?

My encounter with Varna was in 2009 when I came to Bulgaria from France on business. And I was fascinated by both the country and Varna. The culture, the history, the identity, the uniqueness and the people.

E.S: Describe Varna in two sentences.

Natural charm. Potential.

E.S: What did Varna give you and what did it take?

Varna gave me the feeling of Home. I have travelled the world a lot, lived in different countries, and my friends, business partners and relatives have always come to me wherever I have been, and we have always joked that my mission is to find Our Place. And it was in Varna that I felt I was home and our place was here. I remember this epiphany when I was coming back from Italy and the plane landed at Varna airport and I automatically thought, “Okay, I’m back home…” And it was at that moment that I realized I was going to be staying here for a long time. And what did Varna take from me? Interesting question, it took away my “insecurity” and it took away my “anxiety”.

E.S: Imagine you have one day of unlimited free access to any place in your city, how would you spend that time?

I would spend a day walking along the Rapongi seafront promenade, having lunch at Captain Cook and spending the afternoon at the Aquahouse Hotel or Villa Chinka in Saints Constantine and Helena, enjoying spa treatments and mineral pools on the sea shore.

E.S: What does Varna give to your business?

Not only is Varna the seaside capital of Bulgaria for a “dolche vita” style holiday, but Varna is also a serious logistical Port and receives a lot of cargo on a daily basis, including my “Edenvale” non-alcoholic wines from Australia. Also every year Varna is becoming an increasingly attractive location for international companies who are relocating their offices and employees here, and this is an opportunity to expand contacts and joint projects.

E.S: What is your favourite place in Varna and why?

The seafront promenade and Rapongi beach. Because these are a few kilometres of absolute contemplation. And this is not only my choice and the choice of the people of Varna, but also, for example, of the Swans, who come from the Nordic countries every year to spend the winter in our country. And watching beautiful graceful white birds swinging on the sea waves is a wonderful phenomenon, an absolute therapy for beauty.

E.S: What will you wish to the residents of Varna?
Admire, appreciate, be proud of and love this amazing city.