For beauty, youth and health!

Vertera is the fastest growing company in Russia in the developing segment. The company’s history of Vertera originates in 2005 thanks to Anatoly Hitrov, when a unique biotechnology was created for the first time in the world, allowing the cell membrane of the Laminaria to be revealed in a gel-like form to make its chemical composition as easy as possible for absorption. In the cellular composition of the Laminaria, the molecular bonds of the natural substances are preserved in an unbroken state. Vertera Gel is certified as a specialized food product for therapeutic diet.

 It is a complete product, not divided artificially, divided into separate organic and mineral elements, and this is also its main advantage. And also the chemical composition of the Laminaria cell is the same as that of human blood plasma. This is precisely why the composition in the Verteras’ gel is well received by the body, and the level of absorption reaches over 93%. This product has nothing to do with BAD (Biologically Active Additive) or drugs. It is completely natural, effective and safe for health.

The beginning of the technological creation of this unique product takes us back into the past to our roots, more than 40 years ago. It was exactly the time when the worldly-known professor Vitali Korzun studied the natural effects of marine macrophytes in algae. It was not until 2005 when combining research and high technology through the establishment of the NGO “Biomedical Innovation Technologies” started and the production of the product containing kelp (Laminaria). It is a “living” food, thanks to which our body receives a complex of vital substances. The composition of the product components corresponds to the evolutionary code of the organic and mineral compounds fixed in the genotype of the organism.

What is the benefit of the Vertera Gel :

Harmonizes the organism; Detoxification of the organism – purification of the body from the waste products from the metabolism and toxins; Nutrition and saturation of the body at the cellular level; Stimulation of tissue regeneration processes; Energizes; Optimization of biochemical reactions and bioregulatory processes; Supports the required level of complex of nutrients, bio-corrective and energy substances; It has an active detoxification effect, which is especially important for young and healthy people who are not yet affected by diseases. Provides prophylaxis of many diseases related to the deficiency of substances useful for the organism, as well as some or other natural substrates leading to metabolic diseases. Supports a sick organism in the active part of the treatment. Enables restoration processes in the body after illnesses.
Vertera Gel – it is a product made of kelp in a gel-like-form with a rich composition of irreplaceable macro and microelements, energy and bio-active substances – bioregulators.


In addition to generalizing and healing action for the whole family, Laminaria gel is effectively used in: various functional disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system, central nervous and respiratory system, thyroid gland; to regulate the level of cholesterol and carbohydrates, stabilizing the metabolic processes: with diagnosed ulcers, gastritis, gallbladder and duodenal ulcer, inflammation of the bile ducts, dysbacteriosis; in case of intoxications requiring the removal of salts of heavy metals, metalloids and radionuclides; in cases of impaired immune system activity, including allergies; in rinsing and inhalation in case of stomatitis, angina, pharyngitis and other inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and the respiratory organs; in the form of compressions in gout, rheumatic wounds and joint inflammation; in case of overweight and obesity, constipation, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, psoriasis.

As a curative meal, the gel is prescribed as 100-150g a day! Intakes need to be at least 4. For prophylactic meals, is recommended 1 tablespoon of Laminaria Gel twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal.


The special chemical composition makes the product unique for cosmetic purposes: Laminaria gel cleans, rejuvenates, nourishes, regenerates tissues at the expense of regeneration processes, strengthens the skin, hair and nails.


The gel cleanses and refreshes the skin, mildly removes dirt and irregularities, improves its structure, restores disturbances in the metabolic balance and regenerates the skin, and its fresh, healthy and pink-lingering appearance.


Deep cleansing, rejuvenation and lifting effect, cell renewal, and also perfectly removes traces of fatigue. After a procedure your skin will be shiny, fresh and relaxed. Effectively solves problems with wrinkles, acne, skin defects (for example, traces of acne, rust), pigment spots.


Supports the growth and strengthening of the hair, restores damaged and weakened hair bulbs, has a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair, gives shine, softness and smoothness. Nourishes the hair along its entire length, applying a mask protects against harmful external influences. The gel strengthens the exhausted and lifeless hair, allowing it to gain a healthy glow, in a wellgroomed and beautiful look.


Gel wrappers are recognized as one of the most effective anticellulite treatments. Algae masks significantly reduce the amount of cellulite bumps; make the skin elastic, help body saturation with vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances.


The use of Vertera Gel in massage procedures provides direct penetration of active substances from the gel on the skin surface and in the internal environment of the body.

Effectively enhances the blood supply to the tissues, improves the circulation of the lymph, and stimulates the secretory function of the fat and sweat glands. Such a complex effect not only effectively cleanses the skin, but releases it from the excess of secretion of the skin and epidermis horn cells.