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Evgenia Styleofsky and her Sofia

Today, the editor-in-chief of the Russian-Bulgarian magazine “GOST” Evgenia Stylofsky will show us her own kind, warm and cozy Sofia. And I am especially pleased that my colleague, who forces publish a stunningly interesting magazine, has become my guest of the month.


A.G Evgenia, describe YOUR city in two sentences.

E.S Sofia – translated from Greek, means Wisdom. The capital of Bulgaria is a citadel of wisdom, a mystical and colorful city that is not inferior in her energy power to Istanbul.


A.G What did YOUR city give you and what did it take away?

E.S Sofia gave me the opportunity to develop as a publisher, but took away the sea from me.

A.G Imagine that you have a day of unlimited free access to any place in your city. How will you spend it? E.S All this day I will visit ancient churches, museums, the royal palace and I will definitely go to the Pancherevo lake.


A.G What does your business bring to your city?

E.S My GOST magazine gives people the opportunity to exploreBulgaria, its history, modernity, learn the Bulgarian language, because all articles are in russian, bulgarian and english. The printed magazine can be collected, because the issue is limited, and you can read it read online.


A.G What does your city bring to your business?

E.S Sofia gives me unlimited opportunities for development. Historical places, possibility of acquaintances with the worl significant persons, the prospect of personal growth. And of course, unique energy only in Sofia, because only here, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, lives the miraculous bacterium Lactobacillus bulgaricus.


A.G What is your favorite place in the city and why?

E.S I really like the historical center in Sofia. Because here is a large concentration of theaters, museums, ministries, churches and, accordingly, the same concentration of extraordinary people. The center of the capital never makes it possible to forget that we are all GUESTS in this world.


A.G What would you wish the citizents of your city?

E.S I wish you to love your capital, take care of it – after all, this is not only the face, but the soul of the country. In our dynamic time, many people have gone to the Internet space, but this leads to blindness and immobilization. But the movement is life. Live a Real life, look for Your city or your Place and be always thankful and happy!


A.G Evgenia, thank you very much for a new look at Sofia for our readers. Good luck and prosperity to your magazine and many interesting guests.

Anna Ginzburg