If we imagine that the business is an ocean – who are you?

I hope I’m Poseidon.


For his mythical journey. Earth shaker who is responsible for the earthquakes or not. Living in the sea can overcome the stormy waves, but also can make the waters calm. As the divine patron of Athens, Poseidon competes with the goddess Athena, who planted a sacred olive tree by creating a magical ritual with the salt water of the Acropolis. Poseidon is not just a wrestler, but mostly a conqueror. Balance and harmony he is!

How do you understand the expression “social justice”? Is there any?

Social justice is the idea of creating a society or state institutions that are based on the principles of equality and solidarity, a true understanding of human rights and respect for the human dignity of each individual. It is related to cases of social unrighteousness and the search for methods of society’s formation on the principle of freedom and equality. One of the most important components of social justice is the protection of human rights and economic equality through redistribution of income. It does not exist today, theoretically yes, but if we are pragmatic, no. The world today has been materializing. Everything changes, everything is transformed at a speed, but not at a pace. And the progression of manners belongs only in the past, both as memories and as experiences. On politics, human rights are still chimaeras. Constitutions gives rights to citizens, to people, but it does not allow them to adapt. We will achieve a certain level of social justice if we comply with the principles, the censorship system, and if we reflect in our daily life the existence of the Lord and his Covenants. On a social and economic justice, freedom and equality, we will have to take the Swiss Constitution as an example and renew the rest of it. The right is not enough without the possibility.

How did you win your first million?

A blandly sweet question because I feel self made man. With a lot of sleepless days and nights. With lots of compromises on my personal time and my family. Time goes hand in hand with resources. There is no way to be sparing with time, and at the same time to be a rich man. I have put on and continue to work, desire and care in what I create, for the sake of the corporate identity, especially in the relationships between my clients and my team. Indeed, after the first million, everything is different, you feel and share more wisely.

Is there any happiness in money?Or what is happiness for you?

There is happiness in everything for everyone when you are in balance with yourself and nature. It is important to have correct self-knowledge, respect the positive people and reveal the environment that you will decorate with your presence and add value, not necessarily take away. Win-win! When you realize that life is counted in summer, not in years, then there is happiness. When the human in you, devotes the material, then it touches you. Because matter dies, inherits, but there is no life left in it. Matter is created to be shared rather than be saved.

What quality do you value in people?

I appreciate deeply, honesty, support, solidarity. I am grateful to the people and the events that have created my success. Unforgettable they will be for me and I will become the happiest man if the Lord gives me the opportunity to thank them. I can never be a traitor, even with the material, even if I am physically and spiritually tortured. I’m really sorry for the people who are willing to turn everything in the name of interests or do everything in the name of matter. You will never be able to share, to be rich or stay, thinking as such one, the opposite must be!

Which human fault will you easily forgive?

The lie, the attempt to deceive, infidelity, all that makes us less human beings, fewer people, and mostly less ourselves. I find it more terrible and more poisonous than the lack of spirit, there is no salvation in it.

Is there any historical person who inspires you?

Yes there is. There are four, maybe more. Aristotle, Great Alexander, Father Paiessi and Vasil Levski. All these lofty people have a similar lion trait. True and holy, not harmed in time. Higher energy and faith!

Do you have a dream? What are you dreaming about?

Once I had, I did everything I’ve dreamed about in material aspect, in an emotional one I’m striving to improve all the time. I set standards and criteria for myself, not requirements for others. I have never been capricious, the dreams are desiring will and heart, from sobriety souls, and the Lord I’m distant. All I would describe as a dream for the advanced years is if the Lord gives me to have the time and freedom to write and write.

What is your favorite book?

Except mine? Just kidding. I have the pleasure of respecting a lot of my favorite readings, Zorba the Greek, by Nikos Kazantzakis, “One Child Counts the Stars,” by Menelaos Lundemis, “Where Did the Leaders Lose?” By Lee Yakoka, “If,” by Rudyard Kipling, “Living, Teaching and Loving”, to Leo Buscalia. I also love Maxim Gorky and Hermann Hesse. I like to read.

When you meet God, what will you tell him?

When I meet God, I will look at him with due respect, right in the eyes, and will say that I do not regret anything, do not weigh in nature, I hurt myself, not the others, and I will thank him deeply for allowing me to live in my role, not in alien happiness or misfortune. I will tell him if I stay for a few more seconds with Him that I lived loudly and truly every moment, I lived, I did not survive.