Astor Garden Hotel

Swimming pools with mineral water, water attractions, therapies with gold, massages with honey, chocolate procedures, herbal infrared sauna, pearl bath, tangentors, healing methods from the Eastern medicine… Sounds like a fairy dream! Actually however it is a reality and is just a small part from all you can enjoy at the Saints Constantine and Helena Resort – the first sea resort in Bulgaria. For already 110 years the most valuable treasures of this place – the sea and the healing mineral water serve people for their health. Nowadays Saints Constantine and Helena is a well-established and preferred resort with experience and traditions in sea health, balneology and SPA tourism, and an already demanded culinary destination.

In the Garden of Pleasures

Style, comfort and relaxation – this is the new 5-star Hotel Astor Garden! Its opening in the festive for the resort year 2018 is emblematic. Its accomplishment is one of the key projects of Saints Constantine and Helena Holding PLC, for the development of the resort as a maritime, SPA and culinary destination. Situated among cozy vegetation, with its beautiful garden and incredible coastal panorama, the “Astor Garden” Hotel is an oasis of complete relaxation, a dream vacation and a successful business trip. With its exquisite halls – the ball one – “Romance”, and the conference one “Varna”, its two luxurious restaurants and the four cozy bars, “Astor Garden” is the new location for pleasant encounters at the sea. Besides the elegance and the high-class meals in the “Azaro” Restaurant, the gourmet connoisseurs are tempted by Chef Andre Tokev’s gastronomic world and his author’s cuisine in the refined restaurant “Monti” by Andre Tokev. The much sought nowadays harmony and relax are offered at the SPA center of the hotel.

The Water Realm by the Sea

More possibilities for sport, rehabilitation, health and beauty care offers “Aquahouse Thermal & Beach”, which is situated just next to the “Astor Garden” Hotel. The complex is directly at the sea shore, it has 14 outdoor and indoor swimming pools and water facilities with different depth and temperature, and all of them are with the invigorating mineral water of the resort. “Aquahouse Thermal & Beach” creates a feeling of peace and calmness, comfort and luxury for the body and spirit with its four zones – water, children’s, thermal and wellness one.

Health from the Sea, the Mineral Water and the Sea Climate

In the situated at the very sea shore 4-star “Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA”, there is a unique medical SPA center, in which apart from relaxing, cosmetic, beauty and anti-aging procedures, specialized healing programs have been developed. They are performed after a medical examination and under the supervision of an expert. The healing mineral water, medical mud and algae, as well as the professional equipment, lead to effective results in the cure and prophylaxis of diseases of the bones and joints, the periphery nervous system, the skin and gynecological diseases. It is a convenience to the guests of the resort Saints Constantine and Helena that the “Astor Garden” Hotel, the Azalia Hotel and Aquahouse Thermal & Beach function during the whole year.