Arte Spa & Park Hotel

Clishe, maxim or uselessly exaggerated sentence, which is extremely true about the team here in Arte Spa&Park Hotel, Velingrad. – “The Best Hotel in Bulgaria and the Balkans for both 2017 and 2018”. Only two year old, the hotel proved that when there is a will … there is a way. One different text, one different management, one different working model, which employees would like to share.

What is the reason that makes Arte Spa&Park Hotel, Velingrad to be a hotel that stands out.. a working place unlike others?

THE PEOPLE, in the face of our investors, are the creators behind the ARTE idea, created it and gifted it to us – their Team. THEY, who imparted desideration, ambition, motivation, investment. Furthermore – a dream, hope, emotion, faith! Nowadays, everyone can buy everything tangible with the click of a button or with a phone call, THEY successfully bought and builded a lot more. THEY got more new homes and new families – those of their employees, THEY invested in dreams and unuttered gratitudes, THEY bought themselves the time of those people, who seem to work 9:00 till 17:00, but actually live with the idea of ARTE.

How do one achive that, how can you persuade the employee to give a peace of themselves?

Methaphorically speaking “THEY paid for everything received with their attitude”. With real teamwork, side by side, “on the field” – there, where it is the most difficult, but significant. With trust – no matter what the risks were behind it. With freedom – which allowed us, the employees, to believe, to grow, to desire, to be capable. Or, as Andrew Carnidge has said: “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.” – well, THEY succesfully motivated us! … We believe, that their management style will motivate more managers, owners, investors to gift their teams with “A job to die for…”

Describe them to us…

We can think of many verbose descriptions, however we desided to quote some of our collegues instead…

*Atina Iurkova /F&B Coordinator/ “Amazing people, great communication.”

*Albena Zlatareva /Confectioner/ “People, who let their employees realise their dreams!”

*Margarita Uzunova /Accountant/ “Really intelligent people, which respect their employees.”

*Peiyo Petrakov /Lifeguard/ “Always respectful to us – the employees. Always!”

*Alexander Alexandrov /Bartender/ “You can always count on their word. Whatever they say, that is what is going to happen. Very responsible.”

*Elena Filipova /Reception/ “Blessed people, which provide us with security.”

*Velichka Salkina /Housekeeping/ “Great, precise and sensible people. I am very pleased with them!”