Anne Semonin in Bulgaria!

Welcome to the French brand Anne Semonin in Bulgaria!

Why does the brand created by the cosmetologist of Grace Kelly deserve your attention? We will tell you now!

There are many cosmetic brands, but the true worthy are very few. And even fewer of them reach Bulgarian customers. This is the reason why the appearance of this French cosmetics brand Anne Semonin in Bulgaria simply can not be unnoticed.

The creator of the brand, the cosmetologist Anne Semonin, took care of Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco. She was one of the first to experience the specially created for her beauty products. At that time, Anne still had not thought of business categories and she manually would mix and prepare her wonder products. She is among the first cosmetic specialists to be interested in the ability of micro elements and essential oils to preserve the health and youthfulness of the skin.

In addition, Anne has become a pioneer in the production and use of serums – in those years only creams were used, and the texture proposed by Anne Semonin was more fluid, it is absorbed more easily in the skin, and the effect of it turns out significantly noticeable. It is no wonder that these magical products were gaining immense popularity, and in 1985 Madame Semonin registered her own brand name. The main feature that distinguishes Anne Semonin’s cosmetics from hundreds or even thousands of other brands of this segment is the individual approach to skin care. Yes, not only the garment can be tailored to you, of course, and individual cosmetic does not necessarily cost huge amounts.

Just as the way Madame Semonin personally creates skin care products for her clients, Anne Semonin brand products can be mixed. This, you can customize them to match your skin needs and to create individually your own cream or unique mask to solve a specific skin problem – this freedom is a priority for the team behind the brand. In our personal opinion, the ability to create individual beauty products without even having to leave home is the most interesting offer, which really distinguishes the brand Anne Semonin from any other one.

This, however, does not mean that the brand’s collection does not have products that you may be interested in and which do not involve further adaptation. For example, you should pay attention to the unique ice cubes for the instant glow of the skin around the eyes. They are mono doses of active serum containing pure sea water, hyaluronic acid and pumpkin extract. They remove the dark circles under the eyes, smooth the wrinkles, and give a restful look even to those ladies who cannot afford the necessary 8 hours of sleep per night. Moreover, look at the refreshing gel mask that turns back the glow of tired skin – after that makeup is much easier to apply, so you can use it right before leaving home. In fact, this mask perfectly complements the Extreme comfort cream, which not only restores the stressed and sensitive skin, but also relieves any irritation and blurring.

The effect can be toned up by the exclusive “ Youth Radiance Elixir “ – we recommend that to the fancier s of unusual textures. It consists of transparent pearls which turn into a gel with a fine but rich texture, completely absorbed in contact with the skin,. Thanks to its double hyaluronic acid molecule, it irons out the wrinkles and tightens the skin, and the extraction of rose leaves and white lily provides it with intense moisture and preserves its tone.

We are absolutely sure that Anne Semonin would be liked even by the most exquisite customers in Sofia – the products can now be purchased at the best Spa centers in Bulgaria and of course on the official website of the brand

In fact, once a beauty like Grace Kelly had already trusted this cosmetics, we could also do that.