The History of GOST

The history of magazine GOST started in Varna in November 2013 with a small magazine in Russian language. The idea of the creator Evgenia Styleofsky to advertise Bulgarian business, was supported by large construction companies from the Black Sea coast.

For two years Zenit United Ltd. published over 30,000 copies of the magazine and reached a wide audience not only in Varna, but also in Burgas.

GOST2023 by Peyo Peev and GOTO jewellery

Growth and rebranding

The permanent success was realized not only because of content of the magazine, but also because the quality of the seal. Gradually, more and more authors and creative people joined in the creation of the magazine, and the advertising participation became more prestigious. In 2016, the publishing house moved to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. ZENITafisha was rebranded and appeared GOST magazine – glossy magazine, A4+ format, in two languages – Bulgarian and Russian.

The First GOST magazine

Only in the GOST magazine exclusive interviews of famous Bulgarian mecenaths and personalities can be read:

Stefan Sharlopov

Businessman Stefan Sharlopov,

Rumen Ralchev

The Great Prior of the Templars Rumen Ralchev,

Stanislav Parchomenko

World Champion of Poker and Developer Stanislav Parchomenko,

Vladimir Zheglov

media magnat Vladimir Zheglov,

Andrey Kristov

Chairman of the Balkan-Aton Association Andrey Kristov,

Dimo Dimov

World famous Chef and the owner of the restaurants PURE and CoultGourmet Dimo Dimov

Alek Topov

famous ophthalmologist Alek Topov,

Snezhana Atanasova

Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Dermatologists Dr. Snezhana Atanasova,

Western Bishop Antoniy of Bulgarian Orthodox Church,

Ioachim Kalamaris

Doctor of economic sciences Ioachim Kalamaris,

General manager of Turkish Airlines Mr. Mehmet Gurkainak

world football star – Hristo Stoichkov.

The first GOST magazines from 2016 have already acquired collectibles value of EUR 500 since they came out in limited circulation and are part of the collections of large businessmen from Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Greece and the USA.

Above the covers from 2018 were made by the world-famous photographer Lyubomir Sergeev. The circulation for 2016-2018 reached 20,000 copies. In 2019, GOST has become available for reading in three languages – Bulgarian, Russian and English.

Lubo Sergeev

The idea of the publications was: to reflect all the best in Bulgaria and the Balkans: personalities, historical monuments, culture, energy places, treasures, etc.

In 2023 the magazine GOST will be published again. It will be distributed not only in Bulgaria, but on the territory of Serbia.

Ambassador of Serbia and Evgenia Styleofsky